The Buddha ” Conquerer of the Enemy”

What are demons anyway? Who said they exist? If they do, what should we do about them? Ever stop to ask these questions?

Most of us consider traffic to be fairly demonic. Who else would have made such a thing that slows us down, gets between us and our wishes? But then we realize….”WE ARE the traffic” Traffic “R’ us. People often ask, “why is Buddha called the ” Conquerer of the Enemy”? One reason is that Buddha (awakened aware mind) recognizes everything to be spontaneous, unobstructed pure wisdom emanation. Unobstructed because there is no self-orientation to cloud the observation. Einstein said: “The observer influences all experiments.”

Dualistic view is what gets us depressed actually. It causes all kinds of erroneous turmoils. It causes alienation, isolation, and fear. Doubt in the vast non-dual scheme of things is the core of ignorance, the culprit which makes us chase our own tails. Today is called Chotrul Duchen, the day when Buddha displayed several miracles to defeat those with wrong views. It is considered a day when the effects of our actions (positive or negative) are multiplied 10 million fold. This is an excellent day to transcend doubt and recognize our own minds. An excellent day to consider what you would like to project into being! Love to all, Lama Rangbar

Welcome to our new forum

What you don’t know may be dangerous enough.  What you don’t know that you don’t know could even kill you.  I am not an advocate of “knowing” everything, but we did not know the advantages of the many ways to communicate with all of you in so called:   ”real time”  so here we are.

For example, although our web site is packed with what many may find to be “useful information” we have received feedback that it cannot be absorbed all at once and should be presented in chunks.  Moreover, we change the website content frequently and yet people don’t really like to spend time fishing around to see what is old and what is new.

Through this blog we hope to bring you many delectable tidbits in a current manner to suit your busy (but interested) lives.